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Kansas Wesleyan University

Advising is a critical component of a Kansas Wesleyan education, and of the building of our great community as a whole. KWU professors provide information, mentorship, and guidance to students as they choose courses and navigate the new terrain that is the college experience. The advisor-student relationship is one that can help KWU students find not only the right classes, but careers, goals, and aspirations as well. In short, in many ways, the advisor is the faculty member most responsible for a student’s success.

KWU offers three models for advising:

Traditional — During their sophomore, junior and senior years, each student is paired with a faculty member in their major to help them succeed.

Academic Success Coaches — Upon entry to KWU, each student is paired with a success coach. This individual is primarily focused on helping ease the transition into the college experience.

Open Option — Also known as undeclared, the open option has specific advisors who can help you accomplish your academic goals.


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